Near my workshop

Working in Barcelona

Near my workshopWe already came back from the Scoop platform in Berlín, wich has been a great experience, and now is time to go back to work. My atelier is in Poblenou, and I will share a photo of the outsides because I think it’s  a very special place.Usually,  light is bright, but that day was rainy.

Working in this city is quiet comfortable, as distances are short usually and we can make a lot just biking. We are fans of the bicing service that provides us with public easy bikes in many , many stations. Near our workshop, there are 2 of them, and it’s not a neuralgic spot.

This Area is called Poblenou, and it’s near the beach. Even if it’s hot, a nice fresh air comes from the sea. It used to be the industrial area in the XIX th century, and now , many old factory buildings are used as colleges, library, police headquarters, and some are art centers.

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