Del Través in BEFF 2015


The last weekend of November, while the Paris climate conference was held,Barcelona had it’s greatest event in sustainable fashion: Barcelona Ethical Fashion Fest.

The Venue was not less than the old college of the university of Barcelona, a neo-gothic building similar to Harry Potter’s Hogwart’s School.

40 Brands were showing their work, both in the Pop-up area and in the catwalk. Also, there were some discusion boards about cross topics.

Del Través showed a retrospective collection, wich represents the deep principles of the brand: Experimentation, eclecticism, a bit of transgression, materials hacking, handwork, other feminities…

Every piece was made for a diferent purpose, or from a special research, so It is not a collection , in fact. I had to choose five outfits and this was the last choice. I am fond of this pieces, they are part of the story of the brand.


The last one, the white dress, is a bridal dress we designed for our bridal line»the Other brides» and we are proud that it has been choosed by  ECOLUJO, a new eco luxury brand that curates diferent designers under its own guidelines and quality standards.

In this catwalk we could see an amazing selection: ECOLUJO by Anel Yaos, Fiona Capdevila, Ernesto Naranjo, Virginia Rondeel and Lina

I hope you enjoy them all.

And of course, if you are fool enough to wear any of them, let me know!!

All photographs are by : Jordi Puig, Joan Subirats and Sara Maritan.

make up & hairdressers: Thuya

All the pictures of this amazing festival are in this flickr!

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