The other brides…

You finally are going to get married?

You would never go into a wedding dresses shop?

But you still feel as making and looking something special ?

We love working for the OTHER BRIDES  to find the style, the materials, the look that truly has something to do with them and their dreams, projections and fantasies.

The experience adquired in costume designing for theatre really works here, and also our similar sensibility and tastes. We use in an eclectic way any kind of resources to get to the point, we co-create with you the ritual garments you need to get into magic.

In some cases it may be possible to work with both people; This would give a rare touch of harmony.

This service is mainly for costumers ho can presencially come to the atelier, at least 2-3 times. Previous talks can be done through skype or phone.

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