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Del Través offers a large portfolio of textile workshops based in  an upcycling & creation concept. We call it Textile Alchemy. This is the larger definition:

» Textile Alchemy is the process whereby disused textile materials, damaged, outdated, and wich in more or less degree have reached the end of its life as an object, are subjected to various processes of deconstruction, transformation, bleaching, dyeing , combination, restructuring, plastic creation and recreation. 
The result of it are new items that start a new cycle carrying with them the vestiges and textures of previous lives merged with the author’s creative track.»   –Fiona Capdevila-

The pedagogical aproach is based on:

– Allowing  pupils to free their  self-expression as basis of creation

– Teaching the needed skills and tecniques that will allow to fisically make the pupil’s piece.

– Raising pupil’s awareness of  environemental and social implications of their dressing choices.

The workshops were designed for different levels and targets in the last five years,and we have taught around  200 people in this time. Also, special workshops can be designed, for specific audiences and targets.

Please, contact us for further information.We can send you the portfolio with the offer and also elaborate new ones.

Below you can see pictures from diferent workshops in the last 5 years.The items are all made by the assistants, sometimes entirely hand sewed.

There’s a story related to the picture in black and white. It was a sunny saturday afternoon in the Raval quartier in Barcelona; I was working with a beautiful group of wimen, the  subject  I was teaching was «upcycled skirts», and they were absorted in their work. The street was very quiet, probably all the neighbours were sleeping siesta, so we opened the doors and windows. Whe didn’t notice when a middle aged couple stopped their walk in the old part of the city to look at the strange show: ten young ladies hand sewing in silence. It happened that the man was a photographer from the USA , and he travelled arround making portraits that later he would publish in books. He asked them if they would pose  for him. So they did, and they were wearing each one her one-of-a-kind skirt. And you can see it in this picture.

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