A couturier’s Suitcase …Maleta de una modista

Untill the 12 April 2015 it is posible to visit the exhibition ” A couturier’s suitcase. Entredós 3.0″ by Rosa Solano, visual artist,  and Fiona Capdevila, designer and founder of Del Través. In 2007, Fiona received a gift from a lady: A suitcase filled with handmade paper patterns made by a woman who worked in Balenciaga’s atelier in Barcelona (EISA). The woman, Pilar Ayarza,  passed by with no one, so the lady, who was the owner of the appartment were she lived, had to take care of her possessions. Unexpectedly, the patterns, tools and fabrics came to Fiona, as the lady knew that she would recicle them “into something”.

Seven years later, this something has a proper name. Three exhibitions with the artist Rosa Solano in wich they explore the ways the “haute couture” worked, its relation with the society of its time, and an homage to its forgotten “actresses”: the couturiers, seamstresses, aprenticces, and all the woman who worked to keep the genius of designers and the aristocracy in a glamour atmosphere.

The Cristóbal Balenciaga Foundation was the way back home for this humble suitcase, filled with dreams of class, highness and style.

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2 Comentarios

  1. Una expo redonda, la vida produce grandes bucles, , viva las modistas, y las artistas que reconocen su arte, me ha fascinado, su musica me ha trasportado a mi mas profunda niñez, senti tener un tiempo escaso para coser un gran corazon.
    Ahhhhhhh las grietas del tiempo. tendria que ser una expo permanente ampliable. Os quiero.


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