What’s the Upcycled Planet?

DEL TRAVÉS  … Upcycled Planet   …… “Waste is food to our imagination” … Alquímia tèxtil… made in Barcelona

Del Través is a business Venture born in 2002 from the personal life project of it’s founder Fiona Capdevila focused on health and sustainability, from her heritage in textile skills and also from her arts training.

Our mission is to upcycle discarded textile materials into creative, highly sustainable fashion able to satisfy sensible and smart people worldwide.

Our values: love to wildlife, imagination, flexibility, quality, eclecticism , transparency, creative effort.

Our actions are designed to contribute towards a new productive and corporate culture rooted in the belief that present actions have an impact not only on the future we shall live but also on the present that people, animals and plants still to come shall know. These will be:

…To rescue part of the post-consumer textile waste and pre-consumer discarded materials resulting from industrial and commercial processes.

What distinguishes us is a careful selection, focused mainly on natural fibres. Sometimes we may use synthetic fibres if we consider that are interesting, but trying not to mix them.

This option (upcycling materials to a higher degree) dramatically reduces the use of natural resources use and eliminates many degrading processes to people and planet (as dying, sizing, cotton ginning, sandblasting…). It also relieves pressure on landfill and incinerators, which means less pollution and CO2, and less used clothes are sent to developing countries.

…To place the whole production chain in Barcelona. Distances between workshops are minimum. Local production saves time, money, surprises ,and fuel!

…Our garments keep both their own traceability and the one of the previous materials, due to the careful selection.

…To use both  traditional knowledge and tools  as well as new Technologies.

…To involve social institutions to generate common projects. In this moment we have an agreement with “Formació i treball” Foundation in order to develop together projects that involve upcycled eco-designed production with job placement for people in social exclusion risk.

…To Inspire a team of collaborators in the context of strong values as the main engine of wealth and happines.

…Helping consumers to feel free to choose the clothes that satisfy their individual needs.

  Our collections are open and flexible, and materials flow through them as genes do through natural species!

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