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Exodus collection at #BEFF2016

No many words are required to present this work. Thus we prefered not to use music, but the sound of the sea. After the collaboration with Ada Vilaró Casals in … Sigue leyendo

enero 20, 2017

La producción y el consumo de moda a debate

El miércoles día 16 de marzo a las 20 h  en EINA participamos en el debate “La producción y el consumo de moda a debate. The changing consumer value paradigm”. … Sigue leyendo

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Laura rockwell ha escrito un artículo a partir de una entrevista que hizo  ella en persona cuando viajó a Barcelona desde Sevilla para estar aquí el 24 de abril, fashion revolution … Sigue leyendo

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Talk at B.I.T. Fashion

Today, 7 MAy, Fiona Capdevila will be in the program that the students in the global business school have prepared to think about fashion. The topic will be “Creativity behind … Sigue leyendo

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Award on sustainability and counciousness

Today, the association of sustainable fashion of Barcelona, MSBCN, Will receive an award from the FREEDOM BARCELONA AWARDS , in representation of THE FASHIONREVOLUTION DAY and because of the action … Sigue leyendo

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“La moda, el planeta y tu”

Tuvimos el lujo en del través WORKSHOPS de tener a Carlotta Cataldi como profesora por un día con este taller tan interesante como necesario. Con Carlotta hicimos juntas un taller … Sigue leyendo

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Fashion Revolution Day

Del Través estará en el Desfile de Moda Sostenible, la acción prevista en Barcelona. El 24/04/2014 el Palau Robert de Barcelona acogerá un Desfile de Moda Sostenible y Ética para … Sigue leyendo

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time out

Time Out Bacelona recently published an article about myself and my work. Here it is…! Thanks to  Laia Beltrán !! (It is written in catalan)

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Textile alchemy apprentices

Last friday Del Través brought the textile alchemy to the GG fashion market. It was a great initiation to this practice and 10 enthusiasthic apprentices made their best indeed! Every … Sigue leyendo

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Energy Bits

Energy bits are short reports about sustainability focused in teenagers. It’s a european co-productions, and TV3 has made 3 chapters. In this chapter, directed by Pere Arcas, the starring, Adelaida, … Sigue leyendo

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Textile Alchemy workshop in the GG Fashion Market

The 31st of May (soon), I’ll be working as part of a big event , organized by the Fashion publishing house Gustavo Gili, in Barcelona. We will start at 16 and … Sigue leyendo

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Estel Tapia, our new partner

Del Través is been looking so long for a social organization to collaborate with. I knew about Estel Tapia through “Slow fashion Spain” and we quickly got in touch and … Sigue leyendo

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We had a boutique-atellier

Del Través already had a shop in EL RAVAL, in the old town of Barcelona. From 2007 to 2011, in Calle Lluna, 13, wich means 13, Moon street. I liked … Sigue leyendo

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The other brides

This is a special service we provide, because we have been asked to. There are some brides that don’t feel like wearing a conventional bride dress, and also their cerimonies … Sigue leyendo

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Upcycling Lab

Curso de formación “Laboratorio de alquimia textil” por  Fiona Capdevila Para iniciarse  o desarrollarse en el textil, la costura, la moda sostenible, el upcycling , la reutilización, la customización y la creación. La … Sigue leyendo

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Jumpers Book

JUMPERS BOOK (click here) This book shows the work made upcycling wool jersey garnents during 2008-2009 period. It was all made in the atelier-shop I owned in Barcelona!

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What’s the Upcycled Planet?

DEL TRAVÉS  … Upcycled Planet   …… “Waste is food to our imagination” … Alquímia tèxtil… made in Barcelona Del Través is a business Venture born in 2002 from the … Sigue leyendo

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