The other brides

nina i gusThis is a special service we provide, because we have been asked to. There are some brides that don’t feel like wearing a conventional bride dress, and also their cerimonies are diferent; Actually, very, very different.

There was a bride who took the TRAIN to arrive at the wedding, and wanted to sew HERSELF part of the dress;

There was a bride who felt like RED : «this is the colour that makes me feel pretty»; And wanted a gorgeus fiftie’s style party dress.

There was a bride that married under an old forest and wanted to wear a GREEN combination, top, pant skirt and mantle…and a pair of boots.

There was a bride who felt like wearing the work of many women in her family in her dress, embroideries, laces, crochet made by many hands, as following an invisible FEMENINE THREAD; she also wanted  me to dress the bridegroom…wich was certainly much more difficult. As she is a dancer she wanted a dress she could dance with, and also…ride a horse!

We try our best to make creative and unique pieces, but also the point is that we can understand all those other brides, probably because we would be one of those in case to get married…But still they (we)  have the right to get married!



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